Here’s why you should book us for your next gig:

If you’re age 18-70 you probably like or love the Rolling Stone’s music, or at least a song or two! We have exceptionally broad audience appeal. Men, women, young folks, old folks, bikers, hippies, moms & dads, it doesn’t matter – they all like us and dance to the music!

We’ve been around about a decade and have played dozens of venues and countless shows. We always put on a great show that holds the audience. They don’t want us to stop!

We scale our show UP or DOWN to the venue, stage, budget and situation. We are available as the 5-piece core band, 6-piece with keys, or 8-piece with keys & horn section.

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We love hearing from all our bleedin’ mates, and fans of the Rolling Stones. If you care to call or drop us an email, we’ll get right back to you as soon as we’re able!